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Online Showdown 2.0


The North Eastern Reined Cow Horse Alliance is putting on our second online show: the Online Showdown 2.0!  The show will run from July 15 to August 1st

We are proud to announce that the NERCHA’s online shows have been recognised by the Canadian Quarter Horse Association for putting our best foot forward to try to accommodate all cow horse riders by allowing them to set new goals to work toward this summer, even with the cancellation of cow horse shows due to COVID-19. The CQHA has asked to share the winning runs for each class and division to their social media!  

We have added some changes this time around so please be sure to read ALL information listed.

-NEW: there is now a youth division as well as a reining class for all divisions! 

-Riders do not need to be members of the NERCHA.

-Riders do not need to own the horses they are showing.

-The show is open to all breeds.

-There are no sanctioned classes and these shows do not contribute to year-end awards.

We are so pleased to have our show being sponsored by the Saddle Shack Tack Shop. All winners will be receiving a $15.00 gift certificate to the store.

We are fortunate to have Todd Bailey of Ridgetown, Ontario, volunteering his time to judge this show!   

Available Classes:

-First Timer Reining
-First Timer Ranch Riding
-First Timer Boxing

-Beginner Reining
-Beginner Ranch Riding
-Beginner Boxing

-Youth Reining

-Youth Ranch Riding

-Youth Boxing

-Non-Pro Reining
-Non-Pro Ranch Riding
-Non-Pro Boxing

-Open Reining
-Open Ranch Riding
-Open Boxing

See below for all of the information that you need (class definitions, posting info, payment info, etc.)

Class Definitions and Patterns:
-Ranch Riding Classes: AQHA Ranch Riding Pattern 1 
-Boxing Classes: Boxing a flag or person for 30 seconds

-Reining Classes: NRCHA Reining Pattern 12

            **PLEASE NOTE** The First Timer and Beginner reining pattern will be simplified for riders. Lead changes can be simple or flying. 1 & ½ spins instead of 3 & ½.

Video Information: 

-Ranch Riding Classes: record your pattern from beginning to end.

-Boxing Classes: record boxing a flag or person for 30 seconds. Record your run from beginning to end.

-Reining Classes: record your video from beginning to end.

All videos must be one continuous shot and may not be edited in any way. The same video must not be submitted to cross entered classes. Different class, different video. 

Class Qualifications: 
1. “First Timers” -Open to anyone who has never competed in any ranch riding or cattle class (including sorting, cutting, cow horse etc.) of any kind before.
2. Beginner – Riders must be Non-Pro riders as per the NERCHA rule book and cannot have earned more than $100.00 or 2.0 points in any sanctioned organization’s cow class or ranch riding (or combination of classes) as of January 1st of this year.

  1. Youth – Open to anyone 18 years of age or younger as of November 16th of the current show year.
    4. Non-Pro – Follows NRCHA Non-Pro definition & rules stating, “A Non-Pro is anyone who has not won more than $100,000 in Open competition, in any event that pertains to reined cow horse.” (2.1.1) and “A Non-Pro shall also be defined as any person, regardless of age, who is not currently receiving remuneration (payment) directly or indirectly for showing, training, giving lessons, clinics, or assisting in the training of a horse for remuneration.” (2.1.2)
    5. Open – Open to all levels of riders regardless of status.

Equipment Rules: 
– AQHA rules regarding bits and equipment (one handed for curb bits and two handed for a snaffle bit and hackamore, following age of horse rules)

– AQHA show attire rules: Hat/helmet is mandatory & all riders under 18 must wear a helmet. Proper show attire is also mandatory. For example, boot cut jeans, button down shirt, belt, hat/helmet. Chinks or chaps are not required. Vests are allowed. 

-Payments are due by August 1st.

-Entry fee: $10.00/class. E-transfers will be the only accepted form of payment. Payments to be sent to  *Please make the password “nercha” (all in lower case).
When sending payments, please include the name of the rider, horse(s), and class(es) entered in the messages section. 

-Payments will be accepted once we confirm your video uploaded successfully.

Video Submission:

-Must be submitted by 11:50 on August 1st.
-Post the video to the discussion area of the “Online Showdown 2” event on the Northeastern Reined Cow Horse Alliance Facebook page

-Include the name of the horse, name of rider, and class you are entering.

-Please post the videos separately for each class if entering multiple classes
Note: the videos may take some time to upload. Be sure to double check your videos fully upload before exiting the page.


-Please keep in mind the judge is volunteering his time to judge and score all runs, so we will not be putting a set date for the results announcement as this may take a few weeks.

-Once placings are announced, scores will be posted for all competitors.

-Winners of each class will receive a $15.00 gift certificate donated by The Saddle Shack Tack Shop of Mount Forest, Ontario as well as have their runs recognised and shared by the CQHA.  Winners will be contacted by the NERCHA for a mailing address.

Please direct any questions and/or video uploading assistance to Kassidy Holloway at 

Good luck to all competitors!


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