Upcoming Events

2019 Awards Banquet and AGM- February 2nd 2020
May18-19 -Ilderton Fairgrounds, Ilderton, ON
July 13-14 Reach Huron
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Fall Spectacular September 7th-8th -REACH Huron, Clinton, ON
We are looking forward to having this show at reach in their 200′ ring with fresh cattle.  
There is an appreciation supper being held on Saturday evening of the show.  If you are an exhibitor, this is included in your show fees.  For any additional tickets for supper please email nerchainfo@gmail.com.  

NERCHA 4-Event Challenge

For the first time in Ontario, the NERCHA is putting on a 4-Event challenge at the September 7-8 show, with $1000 in added purse money. The NRCHA sanctioned challenge consists of the rider and horse combinations competing in four events: herd work (cutting), reined work (reining pattern), steer stopping (roping), and cow work (fence run) that will run throughout the weekend.

The Details:

-The challenge is open to all breeds of horses at any age, regardless of their show history.

-Horses must be show in a NRCHA legal shanked bridle and must use the same bridle in each event.

-Riders may only compete on one horse in the event.

-Pre-entry is required (stay tuned for further information).

*Reach has made some changes to their ground and has installed trailer plug-ins. We also have the use of a drag, Reach will be also adding sand to help with the condition of the ring for us.

Find more about the 4 Event Challenge and the class list here.

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