Class List NERCHA 2018

CLASS LIST NERCHA SHOW MAY 19 & 20, 2018 – Judge Geoff Hoar, Innisfail Alberta
Show to be held at Fletcher’s Horse World, Waterford, ON.
Cattle warm-ups will be available before and after the show on Saturday, none on Sunday
Same class list both days Reining patterns TBD soon !
1. Open Cutting
2.Non Pro cutting
3.Open Ranch Pleasure
4.Open Ranch Riding (small pattern)
5. NRCHA Open Bridle
*6. NRCHA Ltd Open Bridle
7. NRCHA Non Pro Bridle
*8. NRCHA Int Non Pro Bridle
*9. NRCHA Novice Non Pro Bridle
10. NRCHA Open Hackamore
*11. NRCHA Ltd Open Hackamore
12. NRCHA Non Pro Hackamore
13. NRCHA Open Two Rein
14. NRCHA Non Pro Two Rein
15. NRCHA Youth Bridle
16. NRCHA Non Pro Ltd
*17.NRCHA 5K Non Pro Ltd
18. NRCHA 1K Non Pro Ltd
19. NRCHA Youth Ltd
20. Ranch Hand Box and Drive: simplified reining pattern; box and drive cow
21. Ranch Hand Boxing: simplified reining pattern; box cow only
22. Schooling Fence: reining pattern optional; box-drive-and circle cow, 3 min time limit on cow
23. Schooling box: reining pattern optional; box cow along short wall 50 seconds

*These classes run concurrent with the class before, only one cattle charge if cross entering